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Create online HTML versions of your print-ready documents by using the most feature-rich, compatible and compliant on the market: EZOnlineDocuments!  Review some of our sample clients to see it in action.  And read about our extensive feature list below.

Navigation Features
Navigation Features
  • Tiles navigation

    A beautiful, custom-designed visual table of contents that provides a strong branding opportunity for a great first impression.  In addition, supports mobile users with touch interfaces.   EZOnlineDocuments' artists study the document, determine the most important sections, design the interface, and present it for a free round of feedback. (Learn more.)
Navigation Features
  • Tab-based navigation

    Tab-based navigation with dropdowns provide users one-click access to all important areas of your document. This feature is provides the most engaging "web like" experience for your online documents.
  • Linear navigation

    Page through the document with linear navigation.
  • Pin/unpin header

    Keep navigation and important features always available via the pinned header (or turn it off if desired).
  • Clickable index

    Index page listing every section in a clickable list.
Compliance Features
Compliance Features
  • Exceeds all SEC rules and recommendations

    Exceed all rules and recommendations while meeting aggressive Notice & Access deadlines: (Learn more.)
  • Full-text searchability - on every platform

    Access any part of the entire document with full-text searching - on every platform. Many competitive solutions do not offer searching, especially on stock iPads!
  • Meet Notice & Access and other aggressive deadlines

    Quick turnaround to meet your publishing deadlines
Download, High Quality Print Features
Download, High Quality Print Features
  • High quality print

    Print any single page, or the entire document. Other print attachments can also be included.
  • Downloads

    Users can download a PDF version or have other downloadable files including Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio, video, etc.
Downloads Feature
  • No proofreading necessary

    Because the content of your internet-ready document is identical to the printed version, time-consuming proofreading is not necessary.
  • Accessible version

    Optional accessible version of the document which can be verbally read out loud to support persons with visual disabilities.
Support ALL browsers and servers
Support ALL browsers and servers
  • Works for everyone

    Support all of your users on every platform they use from laptop to desktop to iPad to tablet to other mobile devices.  (Learn more.)
  • Zoom support for larger screens

    Our documents automatically detect if users have larger resolution and present a higher-resolution version of the pages. What's more, users with lower resolution can zoom "in" to the larger version if they want to.
  • Works on any web server

    EZOnlineDocuments' finished conversions are in pure HTML and images. No special server software or databases are needed, just unzip and host on any web server.
More customization options
More customization options
  • Custom design and website integration

    Your online documents can adopt any website design and be fully integrated into an existing site.
  • Home or other links

    Link to company home page. Other links can be added as needed.
  • Share features

    Email a friend and other social media features so users can send links to specific pages of the document
More customization options
  • Help

    Help page to describe all features to users
  • Cost-effective solution

  • Hosting and reports

    Optional hosting, reports and many more customizations options. (Learn more) about our hosting service.

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