Tablet and Mobile Trends Summary

How adults in the United States access the internet has undergone significant changes over the past several years. As of 2016, 77% of adults own a smartphone, which is nearly the same number of adults that own a desktop/laptop (78%).2 Continuing the internet device movement, 51% of adults in the U.S. own a tablet device.2 However, U.S. adults spend twice as much time on the internet on their mobile device as on their desktop/laptop, and 18% of U.S. adults consider themselves "mobile-first,"3 making mobile devices a prime viewing platform for everything internet based. U.S. seniors (aged 65+) have not been left behind: 42% own a smartphone and 32% own a tablet.4

Ignore mobile at your peril.

No matter how long your company tries to ignore it, fight it, and ineffectively hide from it, mobile technology will take over the internet.
—, 20175

Companies in the S&P 500 have continued to make content easier to read and to improve shareholder communications by making their websites mobile-friendly. Only fifty of the SP 500 companies have yet to make their websites mobile-friendly,6 demonstrating that these companies as a whole have responded well to the growing mobile-base of their investors.

With the shift of investors to mobile technologies, their preference for online document versions has also changed from just wanting the PDF version.  When given the choice between viewing an online document in a PDF format or an Interactive format, Investors chose Interactive 96% of the time.1 This proves that Investors not only want their internet mobile-friendly, but their documents mobile-friendly as well.

Unfortunately, S&P 500 companies still squander money and effort by making websites mobile-friendly while neglecting their online documents. Only 29% of online Annual Reports and 15% of online Proxy Statements were presented in a format better than PDF.6 Even when summary or introduction sections are included in Annual Reports or Proxy Statements, the effort is wasted if these documents are in PDF format. These reports need to be Interactive in order to complement and serve their mobile Investors.

Americans own tablets (50%) and smartphones (78%)
EZOnlineDocuments' S&P 500 Study
US Adults - Device Ownership
EZOnlineDocuments' S&P 500 Study

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