EZOnlineDocuments' S&P 500 Study Methodology

  • The EZOnlineDocuments' S&P 500 Study is done annually in August and presented as a snapshot. 
  • Each company in the list is visited.  This includes their company website, their IR website, and their Annual Report and Proxy Statement (as presented on their IR website - or, if not there, on their company website).
  • Each company's Annual Report and Proxy Statement are reviewed to determine if they have introductory/summary/review sections to better communicate with investors.
  • Google's mobile-friendly test is run on the website and IR website to see if they are responsive.  In some cases, a site may fail the Google test, but we can clearly see that it is responsive.  Those sites are marked as a pass.
  • Links or use of EDGAR versions of documents are not included in the study since they are specifically listed as not sufficient by the SEC rules and recommendations.
  • For the Annual Report and Proxy Statement, the type of document is recorded and placed into one of the categories below. 
    1. PDF PDF
    2. Flipbook Flipbook
    3. HTML/Interactive HTML/Interactive
    4. HTML/Tiles/Partial responsive HTML/Tiles/Partial responsive
      This is our recommended approach for the industry as the most cost-effective way to support mobile users. (Learn more)
      Also, companies who presented a readily available HTML summary or year in review on their IR site would get this higher category to recognize their efforts.
    5. HTML/Full responsive HTML/Full responsive
      Full responsive means that every word/table of the entire report was done in a mobile-friendly, responsive method.

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