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EZOnlineDocuments, LLC is an industry-leading service provider of online documents. A distinctive provider, EZOnlineDocuments offers our clients an unsurpassed service solution for their documents. We are a dedicated source for online documents—it is what we do and only what we do.

A trusted source since 1998, EZOnlineDocuments provides clients with documents branded to seamlessly blend into their website. We give digital investors a much better experience than PDF is capable of with our unique Tiles Navigation, tab-based and mobile menus, and other features such as MEET the BOARD™.

We have a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure deliverables are done right the first time, on time. Our reputation for quality is an added bonus for highly regulated and compliance-oriented industries. In addition, we maintain full compliance with SEC rules and regulations even in the mobile versions of our products.

EZOnlineDocuments supports users on all devices (desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, and smartphones). Note that over half of all Internet traffic is now mobile-based.  (See our "Tablet and smartphone trends" article for more information).

Finally, by utilizing our online document solutions, our clients save both printing expenses and the environment. Clients have saved thousands and thousands of printed pages by utilizing EZOnlineDocuments.

Meet EZOnlineDocuments' two owners: Rich Andrews (CEO) and John DeFilippis (President & COO)

Rich Andrews and John DeFilippis founded and run a computer consulting company called JMarc Technologies, LLC that focuses on custom databases and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry as well as responsive websites for any business. For more information on Rich and John and the JMarc team, visit www.jmarc.com.

Along with advisor Rhoda Anderson (from AT&T and Lucent), they created EZOnlineDocuments in 1998 to support the financial document industry.

Our team approach is what powers EZOnlineDocuments and ensures that your project is handled by competent, experienced, non-outsourced staff.  Contact us today for a free consultation and quote for your project.

History, values, and vision

EZOnlineDocuments was established in 1998 in response to a need in the investor relations industry. Formerly OnlineProxy, the firm filled the void in investor communications for delivering material (Annual Reports, Proxies, 10-Ks) in an online environment. It was an innovative and break-through approach in the industry. EZOnlineDocuments continues to be a leader and innovator with expanded offerings serving not only investor relations, but other markets as well.

Through the years we have evolved and expanded our offerings to ensure our service model and innovation flourish. Today, with increasing compliance in many industries, our mission continues to be the same: Offer leading online documents and client service.

Join the hundreds of clients currently using EZOnlineDocuments to make all your Internet documents user friendly and easy to read.

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