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EZOnlineDocuments browser support methodology

EZOnlineDocuments directly supports all browsers with 0.25% market share or higher. For users on very old browsers, a link to this page is also provided to help users upgrade to a more current and supported browser.  

  • Annual review, with a list of supported browsers, fully updated.
  • Market share stats are taken from  
  • The scope is set to North America and a current month to capture the latest trending.  Source data for the May 2022 study.
  • Important other browsers, even if lacking market share, will be added, while browsers that are out of support will be removed. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer was removed in 2022 due to removal of support by Microsoft. Also, select browsers clearly not from the US market (such as the Chinese 360 bot and other non-English browsers) are eliminated.


Our Supported Browsers:
(Market share in %)

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
[versions 85+, IOS, Android]
Apple Safari
Apple Safari
[versions 13+, IOS]
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
[versions 82+]
Samsung Browser
Samsung Browser (Mobile)

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