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EZOnlineDocuments' online documents are loaded with industry-leading features. In addition to the information below, our product is fully customizable and can be adapted to integrate into any website as well.

Tiles Navigation

Tiles Navigation comprises the home page of our Enhanced with Tiles product. To create the Tiles, our designers pull the most important sections from a document and use unparalleled visual customization to create a visual table of contents. You can present your document in any way you like using company colors, styles, images, and more, highlighting the sections you want to present most to your investors and making them accessible by a click of a mouse or touch of a screen.

Advanced features can also be added, including highlighting and linking to company videos, embedding external content, presenting meeting information, adding product images, or anything else.

Review some of our clients to see how different Tile Navigation designs match each of their branding and visual marketing strategies.

Support ALL devices

Support your investors on all their devices: desktops/laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

Supporting mobile investors is important: over half of all Internet traffic is from mobile devices and more Americans own smartphones than desktops or laptops! See our "Tablet and smartphone trends" article for more information.

In addition, our product is tested in all browsers. So rest assured that your online investor can experience your document with full features.

Powerful navigation

In addition to Tiles Navigation, our documents include a variety of additional navigational features:

  • tab-based dropdown menus
  • clickable index
  • linear navigation
  • thumbnails
  • full-text searching

Online investors can quickly find what they want to read.

Exceed SEC rules and meet Notice and Access timelines

The SEC rules and recommendations state that online posting of proxy material in necessary and must include key features that make all the content searchable, easy to navigate, easy to use, and more. We exceed all of these rules.

In addition, to meet aggressive Notice and Access timelines, we can create your online document in a few days. We have been in business since 1998 and have never missed a deadline.

And more features

Our products include a huge list of other benefits:

  • Downloads
  • Print by page
  • No proofreading necessary
  • Screensize management
  • Social media and/or email share
  • Optional hosting and reports
  • Cost-effective
  • Help page

We can add additional features you need through our customization options.

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