Add MEET the BOARD® to your online Proxy Statement

MEET the BOARD transforms the board nominee information in a company's Proxy Statement from the traditional multi-page, designed-for-print style into a completely interactive online experience.

Investors choose Interactive over PDF

Digital investors want more than PDF

Investors are digital consumers and they want the documents they read to be digital (and mobile) friendly. Instead of asking digital investors to deal with repurposed print content, what if you could create a Proxy Statement that your investors could view and interact with on any device?

To communicate with digital investors normally requires expensive content redesign. EZOnlineDocuments' MEET the BOARD is a cost-effective solution that converts the information in your Proxy Statement, making it easy to read on any digital device: desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.

MEET the BOARD offers an interactive experience

Instead of displaying hard-to-read content that requires pinch/zoom, MEET the BOARD automatically adjusts to the screen size and shows information in a readable and usable way.

Every element of MEET the BOARD is accessible at the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger. When reviewing information about the Board Summary, for example, the digital investor can simply select a committee name and be brought to a committee view that gives in-depth committee information. While on that committee view, the digital investor can click on any committee member's name to go to their biography.

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